Cherishing conflict

Whether it is at home, at work or on the street when people get triggered, they have difficulty hearing each other. Sometimes this disconnection shows itself as silence, sometimes as verbal or physical conflict.

How do I lend my skills of nonviolence and connection to others, when they are experiencing conflict? How do I choose how to act? And how do I use turmoil in myself and others to strengthen connection, in stead of trying to prevent or resolve it? This is a day to explore these questions.

We will explore both the art of Not Doing as well as the art of Courageously Making a Mess, while experimenting with everyday situations and concrete skills, based on Nonviolent Communication.

Please join us for a day full of laughter and conflict, with trainer Christiaan Zandt. Christiaan is an experienced trainer of mediators and a certified trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication. He works as a mediator, as well as knowing everyday conflict as a husband, father, son and colleague. He has been practicing the Japanese arts of aikido and jodo since 1992 and 2001, and loves to include sensitivity of the body in trainings.

Workshop date and time: Saturday 27th Oct 2018, 10:00 – 18:00

Financial investment: Sliding scale from 60 to 100 CHF per person (see more info below)

Registration: or you can contact Sandy at

NVC Geneva is a non-profit association. Our goal is it to make Nonviolent Communication and related NVC training events accessible to as many people as possible. We depend on a fee for different activities to support and sustain the mission of our association. The following sliding scale fee structure is designed to keep our services accessible and is loosely based on at 10 to 35 CHF per hour of instruction for workshops and series.

Please select the level that you feel you are best able to afford. If you are unable to afford the lowest end of the scale, please contact us directly via our website to explore other options.