This practice session will be facilitated by Michel Monod, and the theme will be “How to console myself when I am thwarted” related to Chapter 9 – “Connecting Compassionately with Ourselves” from Marshall Rosenberg’s book “Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life”. Participants are encouraged to read at least that chapter before the session, for best learning and practice benefits.

Everyone please RSVP, and cancel your RSVP if you can’t make it because places are limited!

General Intro:

We will study and apply together Nonviolent Communication (NVC) in English. This is a revolutionary way of relating authentically with yourself and others through building consciousness around: Empathy and Self-Empathy, Compassion, Emotional Freedom, Self-Expression among others essential elements!

The goal is to grow our capacity to communicate and exist in Truth from the Heart.

Practical Info:

If you are brand-new to NVC, please read or watch an introduction so you can come with questions and the first ideas about it: . In addition, at 19:30 someone could be outside the studio to give a general introduction and/or answer questions, before the actual practice session starts inside at 19:45.

If you come early, please wait for the yoga group to leave before entering the place (after their class ends at 19:30), and be a bit quiet as they are relaxing or meditating.

Wear comfy clothes, as we sit on cushions and mats. Suggested donation is 5+ CHF for the expenses of the room and NVC Geneva.

The schedule is:

19:30 Introduction to NVC, Q&A (useful if this is your first contact), starting in the entrance room

19:45 Opening rounds

20:00 NVC practice on the theme of the session

21:45 Closing rounds

22:00 Finished